Spring Trip – OKC to Dallas

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Okay, 2nd morning of the trip. OKC, big day ahead! Delivering paintings to JRB Gallery for the May 6th Exhibit and then driving to our friends in Dallas tonight! But first, I need to get a pickup installed in my guitar. It was supposed to happen before I left for the trip, but it was back ordered etc.

Long story short, I need a pickup in this guitar because I’m playing in Dallas Saturday, and it’s Friday…and the only place I can find that has this pickup is a shop in OKC. So, get up early, fire up the garmin and make my way to Lone Wolf Music. I get to the shop and drop off the guitar. It was kinda nerve racking leaving my baby in a strangers hands. But, they did a great job and got me in and out quick. I was lucky I could find the pickup I needed and someone to put it in on such short notice.

I drove back to the hotel, hooked the trailer back up and we headed over to the gallery. Man, it was windy too! Like real windy, like I swear made me lean a lil bit! Anyway, we get to the gallery and start unloading work…

JRB is in a really cool section of Oklahoma City. They’re located in the Paseo Arts District, the oldest arts area of the City. Very pretty, lots of shops and galleries and music and restaurants.

I look like a weirdo in this picture (I'm on the left, Dad's on the right...he always looks like a weirdo! I kidd, I kidd!)

After we delivered a bunch work for the exhibit, it was time to roll on to Dallas! From OKC its about a 3.5 hr drive…And, since we didn’t have trailer lights (remember?), one that would hopefully get us there before dark! But, just in case it was an easy fix, we stopped at an auto parts store to get some tools. Now, I wont bore you with details, but I didn’t get it fixed. Determined that it was a problem in the truck not the trailer, and I was gonna have find me a bailin’ wire and ducktape solution ‘fore the trip was over. Anyway, we had brake lights and turn signals. They’d see us when they really needed to! he he.

So down I-35 we went! Now there’s some pretty scenery along that drive. Get’s nice and green! Big horse country too. A lot of really good training operations are in that area.

Now it was dark by the time we got close. And after an embarrassing 10 min. with the hazard lights on so we wouldn’t get run into, we made it to our friends place in Frisco, TX. And, I’ll tell you alllll about the weekend to come in my next post! Lots of music, and art, and koi fish, and all kinds of stuff! Stay tuned!

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