Spring Trip – Dallas

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It’s a beautiful day in Dallas. Warm, humid, sunny. I’m so happy to be in warm weather, it was freezing when we left home in CO!

Our amazing friends Greg and Teresa invited us down to have an art/music party at their home. So, the morning and afternoon has been spent dragging art into the house and setting up paintings and photographs for viewing. And of course, my little PA out by the pool. The party started cookin when all their wonderful friends showed up. This truly was an awesome group of people! After everyone perused the art and got some BBQ, Greg introduced me to the crowd and I played an hour for the 30 people gathered around the back yard. Seriously they were such a great crowd, it was so much fun interacting with them. When people really listen like that, and really “get” what I’m trying to say with my songs, there is no better feeling. And, %25 of the CD sales that night went to the very cool Kaye Bassman Foundation! Being able to contribute to a charity is also a good feeling. (My parents gave %10 of art sales as well).

These two awesome girls asked me to sign their shirts, first request I've had for anything like that!

You can see video from my performance at my Facebook Page, “like” me while you’re there!

That's my mom's framed photo in the middle

The next day we loaded the trailer back up and took the “dog and pony show” over to another wonderful home in Dallas. Sandy and Bob graciously welcomed us into their amazing house to set up some more art and have a little party. Really sweet people who are now collectors of my mom’s work.

After some art biz in Ft. Worth we loaded up and headed north. Stay tuned, my next blog will be about beautiful Tioga, TX and The OKC art opening.

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