Dallas to OKC via Tioga, TX

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After a wonderful weekend in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area, we headed north on I 35. Heading towards Oklahoma City we spent a night in Gainesville. The next day we stopped by Tim McQuay’s horse operation in Tioga, TX. But first, I played a little guitar on the tailgate while I was waiting for my folks. (While Ondra and I waited).

A little back story: We met Tim at a Reining horse event that one of my mom’s collectors invited us to back in ’09. Fun fact, we also met Lyle Lovett at that show. Lyle is an avid reiner as well as a super cool guy. He’s also part owner of super cool stud Smart and Shiney.

Anyway…McQuay Stables… After saying hi to Tim, the breeding manager Jenny showed us around the place. And, of more interest to my mom, all the “baby horsies!”  Here are some shots:

After a couple hours, we reluctantly left the oasis of fine horses and headed up the highway to Oklahoma.

Stay tuned, the next post will be about my parents art exhibit and more…in OKC!

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