OKC to Nashville

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After all the festivities in Oklahoma City, we headed east to Nashville! The most exciting leg of this trip for me (I’ll be recording with my “Dream Band” but, more on that later). Now, Arkansas is in between Oklahoma and Tennessee. But, before all the Ark. jokes begin, I must say it was pretty nice driving through the country. We had to get off the interstate and take a smaller highway due to flooding in the area. (I 40 was actually closed mid-state). Driving is always my favorite way to travel, and driving back roads are even more fun. You get a way better feel for the places you are. And, I’m just a country boy I guess…I’d rather look at farmland than big city skyline.

The countryside was beautiful. Lots of ag. land and small towns. So green!

But there was also flooding.

The water was almost up to the road. But, it was mostly flooding farmland along rivers…

We spent the night in Searcy, AR and ate at the best Italian place ever! haha, I know it sounds crazy. These guys were legit though, real, from the “Old Country.” I wonder how they ended up in the middle of Arkansas….hmmmmm?

Anyway, the next day was spend driving to Nashville. Over the mighty Mississippi and beyond!

The drive through Tennessee was just as pretty, America has some amazing spots to discover!

My next post will be about all our adventures in Nashville! So, stay tuned!

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