Nashville – Recording

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Welcome to 1979, that’s the name of  Chris Mara’s Nashville studio where I recorded. And, the era you fall into as you walk through the doors. The studio is all analog, from the console to tracking on two inch tape! Very retro, Chris has created an awesome vibe there, lots of lava lamps. So, anyway…walking into welcome to 1979…I walked in as a 21 year old, we recorded the day after my birthday. But that’s not the exciting part! The EXCITING part, was who the musicians were! Brad Pemberton on drums, Jon Graboff on steel, Dave Jacques on bass and Marna Taylor singin’ harmonies. What amazing musicians, and truly good people! Brad and Jon played with Ryan Adams (they were the Cardinals), I grew up listening to them and loving the music they made. Ryan & the Cards really influenced me as a musician when it came to my own songs. Getting to play with this band really was a dream come true.

So, everyone gets set up. The rhythm section and steel are all set up in one big room. I’m set up in a smaller room across the hall, but I can still see em’ through glass… We run through the first song we’re recording a few times and bam, let’s put er’ down on tape! They were so smooth, beautiful, I cant even describe the feeling….having an idea of what it would sound like with these guys playing on my song, and then being part of creating that reality. Amazing.

Here is a video from the session! Stay tuned to and join my mailing list to get notified when these songs are released!

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