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On this day of ponderence, I know I have much to be thankful for! I won’t bore you with a lengthy list of amazing things in my life…. But, I will tell you about last Monday!

One again, back in Nashville, I visited the Station Inn on a Monday night.

To hear the amazing Time Jumpers!
Having been turned on to them by my awesome mentor Gary Cook three or four trips back, I see them every time I’m in Nashville.
It’s amazing to see such talented musicians playin in this tiny little place, for FUN. And you can tell they’re having a ball!

Kenny Sears on fiddle and Vince Gill

Dawn, Joe, Kenny and Vince

Jeff Taylor on accordion, Ranger Doug (riders in the sky) and Dawn Sears.

So, I’m thankful to have again been inspired by these musicians…. And I had a nice little chat with Vince, he’s a very nice guy!

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