Surounded By Legends

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I’ve always prided myself in not being nervous playing in front of people. Until last night at Douglas Corner Cafe! When super songwriter Tony Arata asked me to come sit in the circle and sing a song, I went from being an awestruck audience member to sitting in a songwriter circle of legends with Kent Blazy, Pat Alger, Scott Miller, Bernie Nelson and Jeff Prince… and then I had to sing a song! If the guy who wrote “If Tomorrow Never Comes” is to your left, and the guy who wrote “The Thunder Rolls” is to your right, and the guy who wrote “The Dance” just handed you his guitar and told you to sing a song…wouldn’t you be just a little bit nervous too?! But in all seriousness, I was honored to be up there with those guys and absolutely humbled by the experience. And, hats off to Mervin and his Douglas Corner Cafe for being a songwriters safe haven for 25 years!

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