Trip And a New Song

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So, It has been a while since I last made a bog post! These past few months have found me hole up out at the ranch writing songs… With an occasional venture into the “big city” of Durango to write some more songs with my friend Chris Bettin (a whole other blog post and batch of tunes that you will be hearing soon).

Although, recently I took a trip that found me in Oklahoma City for the National Reining Horse Association Futrity (a major competition of many a horse and rider). My friend, who is from the Denver area, was competing, so I went to help him out for a week. Flew to Denver, helped my friend drive the horses to OKC, and then we set up the stalls etc.

  okc Flight

It really was a great experience! I love being around the horses, they are serious athletes capable of pretty amazing stuff. And, the people are also great, pretty interesting – 600 horses and double that in people all in one area eating, drinking, (sometimes) sleeping “horse show.”

Blaze, my friends three year old stallion.
Blaze, my friend’s three year old stallion.


Anyway, I flew home back to Durango after a week of intense work, play and education (it’s amazing how much you can learn just by watching a horse).

This song is the first of many to be be inspired by the trip (and that flight) I suppose:

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